Arvazallia Advanced Color Care Restorative Conditioner

Arvazallia Advanced Color Care Restorative Conditioner with Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil is a professional hair conditioner that is specially formulated to protect and extend the life of hair color treatments while also addressing the special care, restoration, and hydration needs of color treated hair.

The advanced proprietary formula targets each strand of your hair to seal porous areas caused by color treatments and locks in color and moisture. This extends the life of your treatment and prevents dryness. It also contains restorative agents that repair and prevent damage caused by color treatments which strengthens your hair and promotes natural hair growth.

  • Protects and Extends Life of Color Treatments

    Utilizes Advanced Color Locking Formula that Seals and Locks in Color and Protects and Extends the Life of Hair Color Treatments
  • Repairs and Restores Damage

    Uses Restorative Technology that is specially designed to Repair, Restore, and Prevent Damage caused by hair color treatments
  • Moisturizes, Hydrates, and Detangles Hair

    Moisturizes, Hydrates, Detangles, and Conditions Color Treated Hair Instantly Improving its Texture and Elasticity and Leaving it Softer and More Manageable
  • Nourishes and Invigorates Hair with Essential Nutrients

    Nourishes Your Hair with Vitamin and Nutrient Rich Moroccan Cosmetic Grade Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil Which Helps To Promote Natural Hair Growth While Also Giving Your Hair a Lasting Luminous Shine


Here's What Customers Are Saying About our Advanced Color Care Restorative Conditioner
  • I love this conditioner. After years and years of dying, bleaching, perming, straightening, etc. this conditioner (along with the corresponding shampoo and hair mask) brought my hair back to life. My hair now feels healthy for the first time in a while.
    - CH
  • My daughter, like a lot of girls her age, loves to dye her hair often! And now her hair is really showing the effects. It looks dull and lifeless. No matter what she used, it just didn't help. She has been using this advanced color care restorative conditioner along with the shampoo and mask and it has done wonders for her hair. Her hair looks so shiny and healthy. You really can't even tell she colors it now.
    - M. Cato
  • My hair is color treated, damaged, dry and wavy. After using this product I have noticed there is more shine to the color of my hair. My curls look more moisturized and I no longer have to use extra products to keep my hair from being frizzy. My hair has also felt silky and smooth after the first try.
    - Adriana