Privacy Policy

We value and respect our site visitors’ privacy. This policy is in place to help you understand the methods we utilize for obtaining data from visitors to our site. Data is collected from every visitor that comes to our website. The data includes IP addresses, date and time of every visit, pages opened, and the duration or time spent on every page. We utilize server logging and “cookies” to do this.


Cookies are small text files that are used to anonymously identify visitors using unique identifiers. They can also potentially be used for storing preferences and for helping to customize the way items on our website are displayed. Every website has its own sets of unique cookies that are downloaded to your system or device from your internet browser.

We utilize Google’s and other third party platforms for advertising displays ads on various websites that are part of their network. These platforms utilize data from cookies to be able to show ads using your web history.

If you would like to prevent Google’s advertising  platform from using cookies and your web history to tailor advertisements in the manner described above simply click here to disable this function on your system. For Facebook you can opt out by visiting this page.

Internet Protocol Address

IP addresses or Internet Protocol addresses refer to the identification numbers assigned to computers or devices to facilitate communication over the internet. Other systems on the internet can identify your PC through your IP address and also communicate through it. Traffic data is collected by our servers, and the data is used to give you whatever page you are asking for.

How We Use Harvested Data

Any personal data collected will solely be used for business purposes  in order to provide top notch customer support and to meet and surpass the expectations of our clientele and prospects.

In no means shall we gather any personally identifiable data fro our visitors without their permission. Whenever personal data is given it will not be distributed or shared with any third party unless of the individual gives us permission to do so.

Furthermore, the data we collect will only be made public if it is lawfully required.

Modifications of the Privacy Policy

We own the right to alter any sections of the privacy policy. We may do this at any time either with or without prior notice. Even so, we assure your privacy will always remain as our top priority. Our commitment is to go about business that’s aligned with what’s stated in the privacy policy in order to ensure that the data of information of our visitors are kept confidential, secured, and maintained.


Feel free to contact us for any concerns related to our Privacy Policy or our website.