Arvazallia Ultra Curl Defining Cream with Argan Oil

Arvazallia Ultra Curl Defining Cream with Argan Oil is an Advanced Premium Curl Cream that Deeply Penetrates and Conditions wavy and curly hair to Restore its definition and Activate curls. It Eliminates Frizz and provides the Perfect Combination of Hold, Smoothing, and Shine to give you Beautiful, Healthy looking, Bouncy curls.

  • Maximum Definition and Perfect Hold

    Gives Waves and Curls Maximum Definition and The Perfect Amount of Hold While Leaving Your Hair Soft, Natural Looking, and Frizz Free
  • All-in-One Formula

    Unique All-in-One Formulation Conditions, Moisturizes, and Adds Shine Eliminating the Need to use additional products
  • Advanced Curl Activation Formula

    Advanced Curl Activation Formula Provides Relaxed Natural Looking Curls without Heat or can be Heat Activated to provide Deeper Curl Definition
  • Premium Argan Oil and Vitamin E

    Infused with Cosmetic Grade Argan Oil and Vitamin E to Nourish and Enrich Your Hair with Essential Nutrients


Here's What Customers Are Saying About our Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask
  • I will never use another item for my curls. It provides a good hold and really eliminates a good amount of frizz without that crunchy wet look I hate. My curls are soft and flowing...This product has changed the way I see and feel about my hair.
    - R. Sabatani
  • Works great! I have wavy hair that is frizzy without product. I ran a 5k with my hair loose while using this product and my hair still looked good at the end. I used to use two products on my hair and now need only one. Doesn't make my hair crunchy or hard or clumpy, just nice and wavy.
    - Virginia R.
  • I have long, thick and curly hair that gets frizzy in humidity and is hard to manage overall. I have tried, as you can imagine, many products designed for my type of hair and found that many of them made my hair look greasy and others weighed it down...this product works well. It defines my curls and makes my hair shine and look healthy. I try to wash my hair every other day, and my hair looks just as good on the day that I don't wash it. I like the texture and the smell and the fact that my hair looks good all day and doesn't go flat or loose the style. Great product!
    - Lisa
  • I've tried similar products prior to trying this and by far I've Enjoyed this one much more ! It smells amazing and doesn't leave my hair feeling dry or unmanageable . I love how it comes in a pump and gives you the perfect amount of product to use in your hair...I love how soft my hair is when I use it also it seems to moisturize my hair as well. I Highly suggest this to anyone looking for a curly hair care product to style their hair with.