Arvazallia Heat Protectant Plus with Argan Oil

Arvazallia Heat Protectant Plus with Argan Oil is a professional grade heat protection spray and thermal protector that is formulated with an advanced lightweight two-layer protection technology that shields your hair from heat damage and provides maximum protection from damage caused by heat styling and drying tools. It also moisturizes, conditions, and transforms the texture of your hair leaving it with a soft, silky, and smooth finish with a glimmering shine.

  • Protects and Shields Your Hair From Heat Damage

    Professional Grade Heat Protectant that shields and protects your hair from damage caused by flat irons , curling irons, hair dryers , and other heat styling and drying tools
  • Repairs Damage and Prevents Breakage

    Utilizes an Advanced Lightweight Two Layer Protection Technology that penetrates your hair follicles to repair existing hair damage while also preventing breakage and split ends
  • Conditions, Moisturizes, and Adds Shine

    Argan Oil infused formulation Moisturizes, Conditions, and Transforms the texture of your hair leaving it with a Soft, Silky, and Smooth finish with a lasting Glimmering Shine
  • Eliminates Frizz and Improves Manageability

    Contains highly effective Anti frizz and detangling agents to help eliminate frizz and improve the flexibility and manageability of your hair. Effective on all hair types including natural hair, permed hair, wigs , and extensions
  • Leaves Hair Refreshed and Smelling Amazing

    Formulated with the Arvazallia signature fragrance it leaves your hair refreshed and smelling amazing


Here's What Customers Are Saying About our Heat Protectant Plus with Argan Oil
  • Sometimes you find a product that takes only one use to love it. Arvazallia Heat Protector is one of them. I sprayed it on damp hair and was pleased with how easy it was to comb it. So yes, it also works as a detangler. It smells very nice, and it lingers for the whole day. Every time I move my hair I smell it!
    - F.T.
  • FINALLY a thermal protectant I like. So many others I have tried have left a sticky film on my hair that is so unappealing. I had begun to think that was just how it had to be. NOPE! This product somehow works its magic without leaving any grit or stickiness on my hair, as well it has a lovely fragrance...Such a RELIEF and welcome surprise to finally find a spray that is light, fresh, and smells nice.
    - Heather W.
  • I cannot believe how soft it made my curls. I am never going to dry or curl my hair again without applying this product! I have very thick long hair and to be able to not see any sort of drying damage to the ends of my hair is GREAT! Also the smell is a huge plus for me!
    - Chrisandra F.
  • This product not only protects my hair from heat and styling but really improves the overall appearance of my hair by reducing frizz and giving it a healthy shine. My hair just looks better with it than it does without it! The spray leaves my hair soft not greasy and no oily or sticky residue, no crunchy hard curls.
    - J.M. Reed
  • I am in love with this spray! I flat iron or use hot rollers on my hair everyday. I really like the idea of protecting my hair from further damage, but it also moisturizes my frizzy hair every time I use it...I also love how shiny it makes my hair and I believe that it helps to hold my curl for longer when I use rollers.
    - Suzanne